Github API PDF List and Show Firebase Web Application Series


I have posted the part 1, 2, 3, 4 of the series. Part 1 is just an overview of the tools and where to get them and part 2 is making the app front end using bootstrap template, part 3 is deploying the web application to firebase hosting and using postman to perform http get requests, part 4 is adding javascript and jquery code to get data using a github api method, perform regular expressions to get urls with pdf extension from text data, using regex get pdf file names from url links and finally adding the names to sidebar.

The live web Application is here:

Link to github repo:

Creating Github API PDF Search, List & Display App part 1 overview:

This tutorial covers all the tool and websites required to make this web project. Such as, postman, atom, firebase, github, nodejs, http-server, google developer console, regexr, bootstrap, mdn etc.

Creating github API PDF Search, List & Display App part 2 Front End Design:

This tutorial covers Usage of chrome developer tools, bootstrap example download and configure, atom editor usage,
including external icon from fontawesome, input suggestions, creating list items and providing
link for click on anchor.

Part 3 Creating Github API PDF App part 3 Firebase Hosting deploy & Postman Github GET Request:

Part 4 Creating Github API PDF Search, List & Display App part 4 jquery book on sidebar: