Manually downloading and installing Android Intel x86 atom_64 sdk system images


This tutorial is for Android studio. Also I am assuming that no sdk’s are installed prior to this. Although it would work if there are previous sdk’s. Use this tutorial only if the built in sdk manager or the standalone sdk manager is unable to download for some reason ( Sudden internet disconnection and the hassle of restarting from beginning ).

How to setup:

The system images can be downloaded either going to Intel’s website or making a note of the google cdn download address shown in the sdk manager.

After downloading the system image which should be named something like “”. Go to the android sdk folder. If there isn’t a directory called “system-images” then make one. Next inside that folder create a new directory called “android-23” ( for android 6 marshmallow ). Inside this folder create a directory named “x86_64”. Inside this folder extract all the contents of the downloaded zip file.

Now start the android studio and go open sdk manager from setting. It should now recognize the new sdk. In case no other sdk’s are installed it may show that it needs download additional components. Just disconnect internet and click next. It should now recognize the sdk and click finish.

Directory Structure:
directory structure
directory structure