Adding Genymotion Emulator to Android Studio


It’s very easy compared to adding other stuffs.

  1. First of download Genymotion here and install it.
  2. Also download VirtualBox and install it.
  3. Next go to File -> Settings -> Plugins -> Browse Repositories.
  4. Now in the search box, search for Genymotion and download the plugin.
  5. If android studio prompts to restart then do it.
  6. Now if you go to File -> Settings -> Other Settings -> Genymotion.
  7. Here set the folder where you installed genymotion. In my case its set like this,
  8. genymotion install path example
    genymotion install path example


  9. You also should have an icon like this after installing the plugin,
  10. Genymotion plugin integration
    Genymotion plugin integration


  11. Press that button and Genymotion device manager will open. Note you can also open genymotion application from its executable from start or shortcut etc to install more virtual devices.
  12. genymotion device manager
    genymotion device manager
  13. The last bit is in-order to use Genymotion you have to download virtual devices. You can download multiple based on your need.
  14. genymotion window
    genymotion window
    genymotion device creation wizard


  15. That is it. Hopefully the setup went correctly.

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